Saturday, April 17, 2010

How to Install Android 2.1[Eclaire] on HTC Vogue [Telecom NZ Okta Touch]

Telecom NZ had shipped out HTC Vogue some years ago,rebadged as Okta Touch on its CDMA network . The original phone was shipped out with Windows Mobile 6.0 and after the release of Windows Mobile 6.1 by Microsoft, an update was posted by Telecom NZ, which allowed Okta Touch owners to move on to the new version [Tony Hughes has got a nice article with instructions on how to upgrade to WM6.1]

I have owned this fabulous phone for almost 6 months now. I resisted my urge to buy an iphone because of its locked down nature and was awaiting Android to gain market share and traction. Within the last year, there have been some really nice Android phones released in the market, eg. Droid from Motorolla, Google's Nexus One

Being ever so inquisitive, I started searching for ways of getting Android on to my HTC Vogue aka Okta Touch. From the articles that I read up, this process seemed very straight forward and so I gave it a try. Now that I have used it for a while, I am very impressed with Android 2.1 aka Eclair . I havent quite fully migrated onto Android since at the moment I am running it off my microSD card. Once I have tested it for a week, I will install it on the NAND chip of my HTC Vogue and have it as the primary operating system for my phone.

For those of you who would like to give Android a go on your Okta Touch, I have listed below the steps. The official site for Android on HTC is located at

Prepare your microSD card
1. Go to sourceforge and download . This package contains a linux bootloader that will be used to reboot your phone and run your Android image.

2. The archive is just a zip of a folder called andboot. Unzip the archive and place this folder on the root of your microSD card. MAKE SURE YOU TRANSFER EVERYTHING.

3. Download the Eclair image from This archive is quite large and contains the archive androidinstall.rar [there is a gingerbread version out. I haven't tested this but if you do go ahead with this image, please post your results. It can be found at ]

4. Copy the archive androidintall.rar into the folder andboot on the microSD card. DO NOT UNZIP THE FILE. JUST COPY IT

Boot Into Android
5. From Windows Mobile, start File Explorer and browse to your microSD card and then into your andboot folder. You will see a file called haret . Double tap it to run it. Once it starts, leave the defaults and tap Run . This will power down your phone and boot it up into Linux. Keep an eye on the progress since it will prompt you to press on the D Pad if you wish to Install or change any settings. When it does, press on the D Pad (the Enter button). This will take you into the Install menu.

6. Choose Install System . It will warn you that your system will be wiped. Click Yes to confirm. After that you will be prompted if you would like to flush out the data. Select Yes to this.

7. Once the install is finished, you will be returned to the Options. Select Quit. This will start Android.


Viola! You have Android running on your HTC Vogue aka Okta Touch.

Some tips on Android

# Volume controls volume
# Long Press camera is home
# Press and release camera is back
# Press and release top power button is menu
# Press and hold 1 second top power button for on screen keyboard
# Press and hold 2 seconds top power button for landscape (turn off auto rotate in settings)
# Press and hold end key for shutdown menu
# For best battery life, disable background data in Settings..Data Synchronization

- Getting Internet Working
In the Menu, choose Settings and then Wireless & networks
Once here select Mobile networks
Click on Access Point Names. The default one listed is Android. Tap on it and fill in the username and password as per your carriers data network settings

I am just loving Android and even more so the concept of a Market Place for apps, or as iPhone coined it, the AppStore. I am just soo addicted.

Have fun and I will post soon how to get Android as your primary OS on your Okta Touch.