Saturday, June 28, 2008

Week 26 Article 01 - Remote Support Tools

This week is about remote support. I found this tool by chance and I must say it is very light footed and works perfectly, especially when it is available for free (license says its free for non commercial use).

I bet there has been at least one time in your customer support life that you had had to take care of someone who in an ideal world wouldn’t be let anywhere near a computer. But obviously you cannot tell that to him/her. You have to hold your frustration and be as calm as possible. In that situation it would be so best if you could just go to that person and show him/her personally how to get the task done instead of explaining to him/her over the phone.

Well now you can and its free and more importantly … fast. Check out TeamViewer. It is by far the best free software I have come across for remote support. Try it out for yourself and send me your comments. You have the option of either installing it or just running it on the fly (even off a usb flash disk!!). For those of you that have used GoToMeeting, it is similar to that but free.

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John Mike said...

My favorite Remote support software is Teamviewer. It's have a many features and good as for small business as for personal use.