Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Week 28 Article 01 - What is the best anti spyware/malware software in your opinion?

Hi guys and girls.

SPAM, Spyware and Malware seems to be making the news pretty much everyday now. If its not your dying long distant cousin trying to offer you your share of the fortune for a small transfer fee, it is some nigerian selling Rolex for a couple of dollars! And who can forget those websites that start a popup craze and infect your browser with spammer software.

Now, this week I would like to take your views on what do you think is the best antispyware/antimalware tool that a computer tech should have in his/her so-called "toolbox" so that he/she can fight these parasites? Please do include in your comments if the tool you are describing is a freeware, trial with free updates or one needs to purchase it before using it.

So lets open the floor for discussion shall we.

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Niv said...

SuperAntispyware seems to be the top in my list when I am reaching out for a spyware/malware remover