Sunday, September 7, 2008

Week 36 Article 01 - Whats with this Microsoft Ad?

I was left scratching my head after looking at this Windows Advertisement. Is it that Windows will be come more Delicious in the future? Delicious to who? Hackers, pirates or customers?

Some of the things that this advertisement has left behind with me are as follows
1. Are you for real? Bill Gates at a mall Shoe shop with no security guards? If I knew Bill was coming to town, I would be there to either catch a glimpse of him or to pass on my pages of woes about Windows, and Microsoft as a whole. And I bet there will be others with the same mentality.
2. Whats with the shop name .. Shoe Cirus? Is that supposed to make me think that Microsoft is made of clowns?
3. Seinfeld? Ahem wasnt he in the ad for apple some time back?

4. I dont hear anything about Windows till the last few seconds, even that is unclear. Is this another of Microsoft's tricks to dupe people?
Ahem does the Mojave Experiment come to mind? Lets discuss a few things about this experiment. First of all, are these people off the street or paid actors? What was the spec of the machines Vista was installed during the experiment? Was it just any pc picked from the crowd or was it a new machine bought especially for this experiment that had twice of everything in the Recommended Systems Requirements pasted on the Vista box? Did they even test Vista with all the printers out there? How about those programs that have broken after upgrading from XP to Vista?

I have a feeling that Microsoft is now realising that it is not the choice of the millions any more. There has been competition in the past from linux and apple but not to the extent that it is these days. Microsoft is now trying to pull people back after pushing their crap onto them for years. With the new Internet Explorer rival from Google, Microsoft is standing again on shaky ground. Google has employed what MS did some years back when they brought out Internet Explorer. They bundled IE with Windows, and people found it easier to use that than download a browser from any other place. Now that most of the search happens on google, why wouldn't you go for a browser that gives you more customized response for your searches? Googles dream of creating a cloudsphere has started with the release of Chrome , which is said to be a Web OS

R.I.P Microsoft :(

But I must say, had it not been for Microsoft, I would be without a job. I spend my days fixing problems created by Micrsoft, so I guess I shouldnt be complaining hehe. Thumbs up on the good job Microsoft. Please introduce more software bugs so that I can make a killing providing support to all the MS users.

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