Friday, May 4, 2012

Samsung unveils Samsung Galaxy S III .. well ahead of the rumored iPhone 5 launch

Have you been caught in the rivalry between Apple and Samsung? It seems like a neck-to-neck battle between these two giants, with Apple backing its iOS device that revolutionised the mobile market some years ago, and Samsung pushing itself into the mobile market with Android (the mobile flagship OS of Google).

As most of you might be already aware, when the Samsung Galaxy SII came out, many took it to be the iPhone killer. With such close similarity to iPhone 4, it is no wonder why this phone has been so popular. Even so because it is so easy to use and with the loads of apps and hardware features it contains, it is a must have.

There are rumors that Apple is set to release its next iPhone in the coming months. This will surely be a must see product since it will be the first iPhone that would truely be released under the reins of Tim Cook. Will it have a bigger screen? NFC chip? Faster processor? A newer look?

Well ahead of the iPhone 5 launch, Samsung has unveiled its next installment in the Galaxy S series. The Samsung Galaxy SIII was unveiled in UK not too long ago. From first looks it seems like a marriage between Samsung Galaxy SII and Samsung Nexus. Unlike its predecessor, the new Galaxy SIII has got a more polished edge (like the Nexus). It boasts a quad core processor and has got Android 4.0 installed (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Currently the Samsung Galaxy SIII has only been announced for UK and Europe markets but the company has announced that other countries will soon follow.

Will you be rushing out to buy this new phone? Or will you wait till the next iPhone is released to decide which one to get?

You can read more about Samsung Galaxy SIII at the following websites

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city said...

nice idea.. thanks for sharing..

Nivlesh Chandra said...

you are welcome and thanks for vising. I am waiting to see this phone for myself ;)