Monday, August 31, 2009

Are you sharing your USB flash disks? Secure your personal documents!!

With the price of usb flash disks plummetting, and with the removal of floppy disk drives from computers (but seriously, who uses those 1.44MB devices anymore?), almost everyone is getting themselves one to store documents etc. Some people copy data that they later share with their friends, collegues etc. But due to the portability factor, they might also be storing personal data (financial statements, CVs etc), which they would not like to share with others. So how would you protect these personal items while still be able to share other non sensitive data with others?

There are quite a few tools on the internet for this. One of these that caught my attention is Rohos Mini Drive . Its a freeware with some built in restrictions (for instance the protected partition is limited to 2GB). But it is really cool since it doesnt need a software that you have to install on all the computers you use it on. Once you have configured the software, a hidden partition is created. This partition can only be visible by clicking on the rohos shortcut and inputting the configured password. Once this is done, another disk is visible in your My Computer. Encryption and decrytion of files from/to this partition is seemless.

Give this a try. It might not be the best solution, but surely its better than not having any protection :)

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