Saturday, April 2, 2011

IPTV over wireless

Nowadays almost all ISPs provide their users with IPTV. IPTV For those that are not too familiar with IPTV, this is basically watching tv broadcasts over your broadband service. The channels you can receive are not necessarily those that you get over free-to-air tv. IPTV channels are provided by your ISP, so they decide these. Most of the times, you get almost all free-to-air channels plus some bonus channels. IPTV can use up alot of data and due to this most of the ISPs do not charge this towards your monthly allocation.

My ISP, TPG, provides free IPTV service to all its users, if their exchange supports it, and as you would have it, I was connected to an exchange that did ;)

One issue with routers and IPTV is that you cannot watch IPTV over wireless. You have to have a wired connection. This is to do with IPTV itself. IPTV is a multicast and most of the routers dont push this over wireless. I found a way to get this service working over wireless (after searching all over google).

Here are the settings.

1. Create a wan profile with the following
VPI/VCI: 0/35
Encapsulation: LLC/Bridging
2. MTU : 1472
3. IGMP Snooping: Disable
IGMP Proxy: Disable
4. Make your wireless only transmit over 802.11g or n (do not enable it for a or b)
5. First access IPTV using a wired connection to ensure your settings are correct. Once you have confirmed that it is working over this, then try it over the wireless.

I noticed that over wireless, the picture was a bit jittery but after a while it settled down and the quality was better.

Happy IPTV'ing

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