Friday, April 22, 2011

One or more users currently use a mailbox store on this server

While uninstalling one of my Microsoft Exchange 2003 servers, I came across this very odd error due to which the uninstall would not proceed "One or more users currently use a mailbox store on this server""

Lucky for Google, I found a blog post which helped me rectify this issue.

The error occurs for multiple reasons, as listed below:

1. There is a user account for which the mailbox was never created because it was not activated ie. user never logged in or no mail was sent to it.

2. There is a user who has Exchange attributes but no mailbox referencing this server.


1. Start Active Directory Users and Computers and right click to get Find

2. Click Custom Search in the drop down selection box

3. Click the Advanced tab

4. In LDAP field type:


myexchangeorgname,myorgname,myexchangeserver can all be obtained by using ADSIEdit and opening a user account and looking for the value of msExchHomeServerName

[the above was obtained from ]

Hope this helps.

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Nivlesh Chandra said...

If the values for

cannot be found easily, then open up ADSIEDIT and then browse to

Configuration\CN=Services\CN=Microsoft Exchange\CN={your org name}\CN=Administrative Groups\CN={your administrative group}\CN=Servers

In here you will see the name of the server on which you are trying to find the user mailboxes on. Right click on it and then select Properties.
Look for the LegacyExchangeDN. This will contain the information for


Or you could just paste that line in between
(msExchHomeServerName={paste here})(ObjectClass=User)