Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The System Administrator has set policies to prevent this installation

I came across the above error when trying to install some core components on a Windows 2008 R2 Server. First thoughts were that this was due to some UAC setting. Searched google, found some articles but they pointed to some incomplete installs that might still be lingering. I needed to do some registry edits to get past this issue. 30 minutes on, I was still facing the same issue.

Finally, following my nose, I started a cmd.exe using the Run as Administrator option. Then I used the command line to navigate to where the file I wanted to run was. I then executed it. Hey presto! It installed properly :)

Moral of the story. Windows 2008 Server is locked down like Fort Knox. Administrator accounts are stripped off their privleges when they log onto it and you have to explicitly run software as an administrator (or try a sneaky way as I did) to do simple tasks.

Oh well. What can we do... we did ask for better security from Microsoft didnt we?

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