Wednesday, September 21, 2011

iPhone Browser

iPhone and iTunes seem to be a match made in heaven (well actually made at Apple HQ). If you want to load anything on your precious iPhone that cannot be bought from the Apple App Store, you most often have to use iTunes.

Now many times you will find that iTunes does not give you the same accessibility as a normal file browser does. For instance, if you have a flash disk, plug it into your computer. You can then use Windows Explorer to see all the files on it. If you want to do the same with your iPhone, you can not see any more than the photos on it.

Hold on. I might just have the app for that :) Well actually it is an application called iPhone Browser . You do have to install iTunes to use it though. Once installed, you can access pretty much all files on it (according to the support documents, some directories can only be browsed on a jailbroken iPhone).

Give this a try if you want to use something other than the clunky iTunes Apple recommends.

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